Front Splitter S2 OH NO!

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Front Splitter S2 OH NO!

Post by jasontrevor » Mon Sep 05, 2016 9:05 pm

My front splitter decided it did not want to be part of my car anymore despite some big washers and bolts holding it in :lol: Was doing a fair speed at the time and it used the motorway as sandpaper ha ha . Pulled over into one of those Police layby area,s thinking how am i gonna fix this . Nowt in car to help , then as i bent down to look underneath found on the floor a old squashed roll end of gas/tank tape on floor. Wow rescued 12" off it and taped the splitter back on . :lol: So now need a nerw splitter can,t be arsed trying to fix it , heads up anyone got one to sell or know of who makes half decent ones please friends!
I feel another £30 spend coming on Oggy! :jaw:

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